Destination duties and taxes can have a significant impact on how you price and sell your products, so understanding what the full “landed costs” of your product will be is essential; there are a couple of simple ways to get an accurate picture of this.

Firstly, “landed costs” is the cost which includes the purchase price, transportation costs and destination duty and taxes.

You can find out more about this from two main places:

The DHL Trade Automation Service

At DHL Express, we offer an interactive tool, known as TAS (Trade Automation Services), which calculates your landed costs for you. It also lets you know about any import formalities that need to be adhered to. This tool is completely free of charge, even if you’re not shipping with us yet.

Calculate your costs  

The Market Access Database

This handy website is run by the European Commission and lets you know the duties and taxes applicable to your product, allowing you to calculate a landed cost for goods shipped out of the EU.

Again, it’s free and easy to use, although you will need your HS code.

Visit their website

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