To make sure your shipments get to their destination without delay, it’s essential to get your paperwork and shipping documentation right. Here is a list of the different documents you should know about.

Waybill (AWB)

The waybill is completed by you for your international carrier and travels with the goods. It details the basic information about your shipment, including where it’s being sent from and to, the weight and a brief description of the goods.

The Waybill is your shipment’s ticket and passport to ensure delivery.

It tells DHL where your shipment is going, what service you require and how you intend to pay. It also tells you the terms and conditions upon which we provide our service. Each one has a unique number giving you proof of consignment which you can use on our website to track your shipment.

Finally, it tells customs what’s in your shipment so that it gets cleared quickly and speeds through to its final destination without delay.

Bill of Lading (B/L)

The B/L provides evidence of the contract between yourself and your carrier. It acts as a receipt that the goods have been received into the custody of the carrier and is a document of title, allowing the ownership of the goods to be temporarily transferred while the goods are in transit. The B/L will be usually completed by your international carrier.

With Express, the waybill is your essential document, however it is likely you will need customs documents when trading internationally (outside the EU).
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